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CANON EOS 1000D/Rebel XS and 450D comparison video review

Canon SD1100 IS DIGITAL Camera – PowerShot SD-1100 Reivew

Time To Buy A Stringing Machine

That’s it, I’ve had enough of all the hassles and expense with getting my squash racquets restrung.  Overpriced pro shops, that are never open on my schedule are just so annoying.  For what they charge, I could probably spend three or four hundred bucks on a decent stringing machine, that would pay for itself in a year.  Not to mention, things would get done on my timetable . . . assuming of course, I have the time to do learn, and then do the stringing when I need it.  But what the hell, I only need it every month or so, and if I get half way decent at it, I should be able to string a racquet in under an hour.  I could probably do it while watching Dexter on TV.  I’ve found a few good resources and discussion forums around that talk about how to do it and recommend a few good stringing machines.  I should really do it.  Save myself a few bucks, and learn something I will.  I could probably even make some money.  I could charge haf what the pros do, and still make money while watching TV.  Cool hugh?

Understanding Camera Exposure Part #1 – What is Camera Exposure, does it affect me? The correct camera exposure is vital in providing an image that is well balanced using the correct shutter speed, aperture (f-stop) and ISO / ASA rating

There are essentially three factors that will ensure that an image is recorded correctly within your camera either on film / digital sensor and able to be viewed without manipulation

Regardless of the digital or film camera that you use with a combination of a variety of different lenses your photography will improve if you follow a few simple steps.

If you have a Pentax, Nikon, Canon, Olympus or other 35mm camera, or; an easy to use point and shoot digital camera or another top of the range digital SLR Camera, I think you will benefit from what I have to show you in my videos.

I hope that you enjoy watching them as much as I have enjoyed making them for you

Canon EOS 450D and Nikon D60 comparison review

Digital SLR User magazine’s technical editor Adam Scorey checks out Canon’s latest Digital SLR, the EOS 450D. Nikon’s D60 is briefly compared

Mauro’s Moments – Canon Powershot G9 – Cameracast

We just added the Canon Powershot G9 camera to our inventory and we have been rather impressed. It is not going to be the new workhorse but it will definitely get it used on regular basis. One of the things that makes it unique is its ability to shoot video…so we decided to put the camera to work and shoot this whole podcast using the video mode.

Some Really Funny Bobcat Videos

I was cruising YouTube just for the hell of it, and came across some really funny videos. You know those  Bobcat machines I’m sure.  Ya know, those like little minaturized front end loaders that landscapers use and guys build swimming pools use.  I don’t know what it is about these machines, but they seem to bring out the idiot and joker in men everywhere.  They’re pretty agile little machines that can maneouver just about anywhere, which is what makes them so prone to having fun.  Guys seem to start acting like ten year olds when they get into them.  They drive around doing donuts, pop wheelies, and even flip them over.  I saw one video of a guy, who would definitely fall into the idiot category, that dumped a whole load full of gravel onto himself.  You can check out the video at this used skid steers sales page.  It’s pretty funny, as some woman starts laughing hilariously at him after the fact.  I’m pretty sure he didn’t do it on purpose.

Top 10 BEST movie killers of all time!

This is my opinion on the top 10 best killers of all time. notice most of them are movie which originated in the early 70s and 80s. an updated one will be posted as soon as possible!!! don’t be affraid to leave your opinions. i don’t care what u say! PLz comment and subscribe!!!

Canon Rebel XS Digital SLR Review shows digital camera prices and comparisons. Makes it easy to buy or decide where to purchase digital camera like Canon Rebel XS.

Canon PowerShot G9 & Nokia N96 Video Comparison

Used some video shot around the same time with a Canon PowerShot G9 (still digital photo camera) and Nokia N96 smartphone to test iLife 09′s iMovie 09

No Need To Be Afraid Of Online Education Courses

I’ve signed up for a few correspondence courses, but never completed them.  Once back in high school, and once again as an adult.  I don’t remember, what the high school course was, but the adult one was a boating course, with the power and sail squadron.  There seems to be a bit of a trend there.  I’ve never tried an online degree program, but the correspondence course failed starts probably have me shying away from online learning.  The trick is, to be committed.  You really need to want to finish the program in whatever it is.  It’s one of the big mistakes, made by online students.  A few others would be choosing the wrong school, and a lack of communication with your teacher.  It requires an extra effort to initiate communication, as your not there face to face with your teacher on a daily basis.  I have a brother, who did his masters degree online, so I know it’s not a genetic barrier, really just a motivational one.  If I do ever decide on something interesting to take, I really should give the online career education train a ride.  Could be fun.

Digital TV Transition (Patent) – TV Screen is the Camera Part 2

Hello Brothers & Sisters,

Prepare to have your mind blown!

Watch in HQ:

I’m still trying to gather my thoughts after finding this. My first reaction was, Oh My God!

Invention: Apple’s all-seeing screen

Reader Reports Finding Micro Cameras in LCD and Plasma TVs
(re: Mandatory HD TV Conversion)

Digital Transition, APPLE & The Covert Spying Agenda On Americans
Above Top Secret
Integrated sensing display
Patent# 20060007222
United States Patent Application 20060007222

Integrated Sensing Display
Patent# 20060007222
Integrated sensing display
Patent# 20060007222
Integrated sensing display
Patent# 20060007222

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Canon Digital Rebel XSi 12.2 MP Digital SLR Camera review

Canon Digital Rebel XSi 12.2 MP Digital SLR Camera with EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Lens

My New Canon PowerShot Digital Camera Review is Here – – What digital camera are you using, and how long have you had it? I’m curious, because I just bought a new digital camera. I played with it pretty much all day when I brought it home.

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