The Very Best Digital SLR Cameras

Now that you’ve had your fun with the simple point and shoot digital cameras, you’ve decided your ready for the big leagues. Time to up the anty, and get serious about your photography work. It’s time for an SLR camera. Anyone whose used a compact point and shoot, or ultra compact camera, is well aware of their limitations. They’re slow, image quality is restricted, and their basic zoom lens really doesn’t let you get the kind of photographs you want to be taking.

SLR cameras overcome many of the these shortcomings, and allow a great degree of creativity, flexibility, and control over your photographs. There are other factors to consider when purchasing a SLR, but before making those decisions, it’s important to know what an SLR can offer you.

One of the first things you’ll notice with a SLR camera, is a much improved viewfinder. The viewfinder, is where you frame your pictures, and will be much more accurate and brighter than what your used to on a simple compact camera. So much better in fact, that many SLR purists don’t even bother using the LCD when taking pictures. It’s only used for view pictures after the fact.

Another nice feature of SLRs, is speed. By speed I don’t just mean the number of pictures you can take in rapid succession, but how quickly you can get that first candid perfect photo. How many times have you lost a photo opportunity as you squeezed your shutter only to have to wait while the battery charges, or the camera needs to go through it’s digital check or power up.

Likely, the biggest improvement your photographs will benefit from though, is how you can take pictures in conditions that a compact camera just can’t handle. Low light is just one example. Improved image sensor, and lens quality work together to make this happen.

Additional choice of lens and filters is another nice feature of SLRs. While it’s true, that these can be expensive add ons, they also greatly enhance your creative choices. Telephoto, wide angle and zoom lenses do all you to capture pictures you never could have before.

With some of this in mind, your probably wondering which brands and models to consider. If you think buying a digital SLR will be easier then a point and shoot, your in for a big surprise. There may marginally less models to consider, but the add features and complexity, just mean there are more factors to learn and consider. Canon, Nikon, Pentax, and Olympus all have some nice choices.

The Canon Rebel lineup of SLRs is a great place to start for the first time SLR user. There are currently 3 models in the Canon lineup. The XT, the XTi, and the newest XSi. They’re all great cameras, and choosing between the three really comes down to the size of your budget. The Nikon D40, and the Olympus Evolt lineup compete in this price range as well. These models are among the best digital SLR cameras you’ll find anywhere.

A final tip, to consider is to exercise caution in not just what camera you buy, but where you buy it. While it’s true, that more and more people are buying cameras online, make sure you buy from a site that has a generous return policy. Amazon has one of the best. Even with the best of equipment, things can go wrong. Knowing you can return and exchange your camera simply, easily and inexpensively are reassuring when making purchases from the internet.


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