Dishwasher Buying Guide

So, you think you need a new dishwasher, but you don’t know the why, where or how. Lucky for you Read more

Microwave Ovens Need Love Too

Microwave ovens need to be maintained regularly, or there could be some serious consequences. Read more

Ceramic Tile Countertops – Beautiful And Fussy

Ceramic tile countertops can remain great looking, if you know a few simple tricks. Read more

Kitchen Countertops Can Last A Lifetime

Laminate kitchen countertops should last a lifetime, if you know a few tricks for maintaining and repairing them. Read more

Kitchen Cabinet Paint Job

So your kitchen cabinets are the most dreadful sight in the entire neighborhood. Read more

Kitchen Cabinet Miraculous Cleaning

So, your kitchen cabinets are a mess, and you dread forking out all that cash for new ones. Read more

Food Is Good Medicine

Nobody likes medicine, but everyone likes to eat, so maybe food is the answer. Read more

Why You Think Foods Taste Good

Whoever decided that good tasting food (like chocolate) would be bad for you, and that bad tasting foods (like broccoli) should be good for you really screwed up. Read more

Water and Why You Need It

Considering your body is made up of fifty to seventy percent water, it’s surprising how few people know why it’s so important. Read more

Mineral Deficiency – Are You Getting Enough?

Mineral deficiency is practically unheard of for some, but not all minerals. Do you know which ones? Read more

Minerals Your Body Needs To Know

There are seven major minerals required by every body. Do you know what they are, and are you getting enough? Read more

Vitamin Overdose – Too Much Of A Good Thing

We’ve all heard about vitamin deficiencies, but what about vitamin megadoses. There can be too much of a good thing. Read more

Sailing Adventures

Sailing is an activity like no other. It can change so much from one day to the next, since it really depends on the weather. Read more

Seasickness Cures and Strategies

Ever find your self leaning over the low side of a boat offering your previously digested lunch to King Neptune while he slaps your face with a few salty waves? Read more

Boat Provisioning – The Floating Grocery Store

How do you get to the grocery store when your a thousand miles from shore, and a thousand and two miles from the nearest grocery store? Read more

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